The Last Rip
Lego and Icecream
Season 1 Episode 6


Make it to the other side of the forest





The Last Rip is the 6th episode overall of Object Universe. It was released on February 1st, 2013. 


Both Ice Cream and Lego are seen in the opening scene talking to one another. Lego states that he was happy that he had join, next thing we know Ice Cream tells Lego that he'd probably be eliminated soon. Confused by this Lego asks what she means. Ice Cream then snaps at Lego saying that he was quite aware of what she was talking about and that he was up for elimination. Lego then tries to speak but is interupted by Ice Cream who states that without Cupcake, Lego wouldn't make it far in the contest. Map then comes in to tell the both that something weird was going on with the Reliving TV. Ice Cream asks how and Map tells her to come with him. Lego also tags along and they all fashionably walk to the Reliving TV area where the wire from the TV gets fixed, this is claimed to be caused by some sort of time paradox - next thing we know, Window pops out of the Reliving TV and is revived. As soon as Window is revived he asks what was going on. Lego gives Window a one word answer which was Evil Window and Window replies back To shay. Lego is then seen beside the Reliving TV saying it was acting strangly. Window walks over to the Reliving Tv then there is a huge flash and everyone is transported into a different setting an hour later.

Paper worldEdit

After the transportation Window gets up from the floor and asks what was going on. Ice Cream notices Window has a paper-like look and asks why he looks so weird. Map yells what the heck in surprise. Lego then states that it isn't good. Window then asks for Evil Window because he has a bone or two to pick with him.