Ski Patrol
Season 1, Episode 1
Challenge Help Ice Cream from Himalayas in Asia
Winner(s) Team Fortress
Eliminated None (But Ice Cream joins Team Fortress)
Episode Guide
"Crappy Food"
Ski Patrol is the episode 1 of Object in Space.

Plot Edit

Before intro Edit

Window goes to Nepal in Asia. But he goes to Himalayas have Ice Cream and calls the contestant.

After intro Edit

Atlas hears his phone, but he calls Window. But he calls his team name "Team Dim Dum" and Tune calls his team name "Team Fortress"

Contest Edit

Window welcomes their teams goes to Asia. Window tells their teams goes to help Ice Cream.

Contestants from Team Dim Dum Win or lose Contestants from Team Fortress
Eliminated from next episode

Team Fortress wins


Rescue Edit

Team Dim Dum and Team Fortress to drive helicopter to rescue for time's out. Team Fortress look at Ice Cream but her leg is broken. 6 days laters she heals. Window visits her from heal.

Ending Edit

Team Dim Dum drive helicopter and later helicopter exploded.

Deaths Edit

  • Team Dim Dum die from explosion.

Trivia Edit

  • Team Dim Dum's death are similiar to soldiers' death in Godzilla.