Language of a Broken Window
Season 1, Episode 3
Challenge Revive Window
Winner(s) Team Icecream
Eliminated Button
Cameo(s) Ice Cream's Speaker Box, Baseball (From Inanimate Insanity), Mephone4S, Crown, Cocunut, Bacon, Cookie, Clover
Episode Guide
"Fear of Heights"
"Surprise Arrival"
 'Language of a Broken Window' is the Third episode of Object Universe.

The Episode begins exactly where the 2nd Episode left off, after window was killed by evil window.


The Contestants all wonder how exactly Object Universe will continue as a show, now that Window died. Evil Window takes over the entire show, which nobody seems to mind. Button recieves the Most dislikes due to losing the challenge in the last episode. Map then takes over the role as a Host, when evil window accidentally sends himself to prison. Map decides he wants to still compete for the One Hundred Thousand Dollars, and makes everyone revive Window. Icecream eventually warms up the Re-living TV, which was unplugged for unknown reasons.


  • This episode, Much like the first episode, Has Two Cameos. An Announcer Like character, and Mephone4S.
  • This episode featured a Major Animation change.
    • Similarly, Episode 2 had a Upgrade to the episode 1 style.
    • Episode 4 also got rid of lots of the background BFDI assets.