Fear of Heights
Season 1, Episode 2
Challenge Jump the cloud into water
Winner(s) Team Ice Cream
Eliminated Tennis Racket and Leafy
Cameo(s) Puffball, Leafy, Nickel, Balloon, Ruby
Episode Guide
"Blast into Space"
"Language of a Broken Window"

FEAR OF HEIGHTS is the second episode of Object Universe. The episode is based on Button, and his fear of heights. This is the very first episode to ever have an elimination.


Icecream and Cup are discussing who will be eliminated, with Cup assuming Icecream will be kicked off and thats its 'pretty obvious'. This pushes her over the edge to become angry as she feels she is left out and not cared about.bgsdsdf

Window then gives them a tour of the world, showing the Prison and other various locations. He then shows him an important location, The Elimination Area.

The Votes are tallyed up and Tennis Racket was the one to be eliminated, after calling TV annoying in episode 1.

Icecream and Button have to show off thier skills by jumping off clouds, with Icecream winning due to Button's fear of heights.


  • This Marks the first episode to not include a 'HOW TO ANNOY' episode.
  • Tennis Racket is the first to be eliminated with leafy?
  • This, so far, is the only episode to have the challenge based in Space.
  • The Assets change between the Opening scene and The Tour.


  • When Cup says 'it should be called team explorers!' the image freezes on a Frame.
  • Letter still has the old assets on after the intro, even though everyone else had been upgraded.
    • This is due to the fact that the scene was done before voting was over.