• Vv cephei a

    Window: Hello I Am The Host!

    Evil Window: No! Hello I Am The Host!

    Window: No It's Me!

    Evil Window: No It's Me!

    Window: No It's Me!

    • Evil Window Punches Window

    Window: AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Window Shatters

    Ice Cream: Evil Window! Stop! Kicking Window Can Shatter He! You Are Stupid!

    Evil Window: SHUT UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I Am The Host!

    Ice Cream: No It's Window No You!

    Window: YEAH!

    Ice Cream: You Are Both Hosts.

    Evil Window and Window: YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Window: The Show It's Called Object Planet!

    • Intro*

    Evil Window: The Contestant Are Evil Tennis Racket, Ice Cream, Map, Disco Ball, USB, Magnet, Remote, TV, Basketball, Apple, Balloon, Bottle, Cup, Lego, Leafy, Bow, Evil Basketball, Black Basketball and Gum Ball.

    Window: The 1st Contest It's To D…

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