Blast into Space
Season 1, Episode 1
Challenge Balancing on a Platform in Space
Winner(s) Team Basketball
Eliminated None
Cameo(s) Sam (TeenChampion)
Episode Guide
"Fear of Heights"
BLAST INTO SPACE is the first episode of Object Universe.

In this episode, the Contestants -- and the host are introduced, and the competition that will go for along time begins.

Episode SummaryEdit

Basketball and Balloon realise how boring things have been recently, and seriously want something to do. They all discuss what they would really like--but cant get, because they dont have any money.

Luckily, Window, the Host of Object Universe, appears, telling the contestants that they could compete for One Hundred Thousand Dollars, and get the things they've always wanted.

For the Challenge, the contestants had to balance on a Balance Beam in out of space. Eventually, everyone falls off, except for Basketball, giving him Immunity.

The Teams were then chosen, with Team Icecream then being up for elimination.


  • The Only Cameo in this episode, Was Sam, from TeenChampion.
    • ​TeenChampion is the other show created by Samuel:T.


  • During Basketball's side show, the 'How to annoy' series, When Basketball says 'Grab a Remote' the video freezes, missing out 2 scenes that were meant to be there.
    • ​The Video Unfreezes after this scene, meaning that there was just a video glitch with this scene.